One thing that I consistently hear from architects designing homes, is that their clients have an interest in building something that is "greater than the home itself."  This concept of designing and building a space that intrinsically provides something more for them and their family, where they are hoping to evoke positive feelings and experiences, and create lasting memories.  In a sense, it's often associated with the homeowners legacy.


Legacy is defined as "anything handed down to future generations; including ideas, morals, and possessions."


Homeowners have the opportunity to make their homes part of their legacy, not only with the ability to potentially pass along the physical property, but also through the thing the home represents.  It's a really unique concept - the idea that a home is bigger than just a place of shelter.  It can represent something larger, including the homeowners personal values and how that translates back to experiences and lasting impressions on those who experience it.

That said, what makes a home special?  What makes a home more than a physical legacy?  Can there be a mission behind a home?

A home's uniqueness, functionality, thoughtfulness, and even imperfection makes a home special and creates a connection to homeowners, family, and friends.  And yes, a home can have a mission!  Perhaps that looks different for each person and home, but something to consider in this time of climate awareness, is how your home could (and probably should) contribute positively to society, the planet, climate, and your own health.

I find it really interesting, the concept of creating a home in a thoughtful, natural way; investing in your families health, reducing the overall burden home construction/operation puts on the climate, and what that effort says about your values and eventual legacy.

Did you leave this place better than you found it?  Does your home reflect your personal values and what does that say about you?

Certainly, some deep thoughts and not something everyone considers in the age of cookie-cutter homes.  But, we are also in the age of individuality and freedom.  We have the opportunity to add to our legacy through our home and the sustainable choices we make with it.

If you want to add to your legacy through your home, choosing sustainable building materials is one way to do that.  Contact Go Green Home Supply for more information and we'd be happy to help you with your upcoming project!



Side note about legacy and a #weekendwatch recommendation, I got started thinking about this concept when watching this documentary about Bill Gates*.  If you're interested in documentaries and find it inspiring to learn about new topics, including some of the ecological work being done by the Gates Foundation and their subsidiaries, "Inside Bill's Brain" on Netflix is a good watch if you have time.  There are some mesmerizing, yet disturbing visuals throughout the documentary highlighting humanity's need to reduce plastic waste, find eco-friendly power sources, and be more sustainable with all of our choices.


*Go Green Home Supply is not interested in or advocating for anything involving Mr. Gates's personal life in light of recent developments.  We simply view the professional achievements and desire to improve the planet as an inspiration for our own journey to leaving an impactful, positive legacy.


 Plan well.  Build well.  Be well.


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May 18, 2022 — David Lymburn