What does Sustainability mean to Go Green Home Supply?

Sustainability means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

It means a lot of different things to us too... which can be confusing.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The good news is that there are many different ways to participate in a sustainable lifestyle.

Ultimately... it's about trying. It's about learning. It's about doing better. It's about being better. To ourselves, our neighbors, and the planet one step at a time.

Specifically, building sustainable homes is a critical piece of reducing humans' climate impact. Homes are one of the most significant and widespread “commodities” in which most everyone participates—an area that if we can each positively shift build practices, there is potential for large-scale improvement in minimizing our collective homes’ effect on the planet.


Currently, most homes in almost every area of the world negatively affect the planet in many ways. The building and construction market is actually one of the largest waste producers, CO2 polluters, deforesters, and toxic waste contaminators.

On top of that, the majority of “standard” homes being built today are not all that energy efficient, further over-producing CO2 than necessary, nor are they built with materials that have been thoughtfully derived considering human health or ecological impact.

We'll say it... "traditional" build methods and products don't have their occupant's health or the planet's best interests in mind. They simply aren't sustainable.

To Go Green Home Supply, sustainability means believing in better homes.

We believe in preserving the planet by reducing pollution, curbing climate change, promoting robust ecosystems, and ensuring lasting clean water sources.

We also believe in reducing man-made health problems and ensuring healthy futures for generations of families.

Building better homes and buildings is a significant way to achieve a more sustainable future.

Homes are where we spend an incredible amount of time and money. They surround us. We eat in them. We sleep in them. We breathe, work, and play in them.

Yet, they can be made much more sustainable than they commonly are today. There are better products, better build methods, and passionate experts (like us) who believe homeowners should know more about their product choices and their home's materials and performance they live with everyday.

Homes should be one of the healthiest and most sustainable aspects of our lives.

Your home should be comfortable, durable, and beautiful. It should be highly efficient, low in embodied energy, non-toxic, waste-free, and natural. It should ensure you breathe clean air, maintain a healthy body, and have clean water.

That's where we come in... to provide an easier way to become healthier in and sustainable with your home. In whatever form that takes, it all makes a difference even if it is a little bit confusing.

That's what sustainability means to Go Green Home Supply.

If, as a collective group of homeowners, we plan our homes with more thoughtful intentions, build our homes with great products and ideals, we can thrive in many ways.

That’s what Go Green Home Supply believes.

That’s the real way to create a better, more sustainable tomorrow—being mindful, with eco-friendly intentions. What better way to show this than with your home—what is likely your largest purchase/investment, is significant in size and scope, and where you likely spend between 60-90% of your time.

For all of these reasons, Go Green Home Supply only carries select building materials, ones that have been evaluated over thousands of hours and have been thoroughly vetted by engineers and building science professionals. We do not, and will never, sacrifice our ideal eco-friendly principles to carry something that does more harm than good. Only the best, most sustainable products available will be offered through our store–which means you can buy from us knowing that you will be getting great products that won’t harm your family or the planet.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

- Robert Swan (author, explorer, activist)