Our story

Go Green Home Supply was founded to make it easier for homeowners to find and buy healthy, sustainable building materials

Although many resources and products exist, too often it's difficult to learn about and find where to buy these more eco-friendly products for your home. We thought there had to be an easier way for more sustainable home products and building materials to make their way into homes. Thus, Go Green Home Supply was born.

After spending several years in the construction industry, I had concerns over the types of materials used in buildings and the amount of waste generated during construction and demolition. Traditional building materials were non-natural and filled with toxic chemicals that come with potential long-term health risks. On top of that, after demolition, many of the materials are non-recyclable and non-decomposable - they will never go away.

As I began to do more research, I found that the amount of physical waste produced from the construction and renovation industries is second to only single-use plastics.  I became especially disappointed that the industry wasn't being more proactive to make changes. Although more eco-friendly products were being produced, they weren't made easily available to homeowners.

When homes and buildings incorporate more sustainable, eco-friendly and healthy building materials, it helps preserve both the health of the planet as well as the health of you, your family, and friends.

eco-friendly home design

Plan Well. Build Well. Be Well.

Go Green Home Supply is about educating homeowners about the problems and risks associated with some "traditional" building materials (ex. toxic chemicals, high global warming potential, etc.). We only sell expertly vetted products, ones thoroughly evaluated by experts for all aspects of sustainability. You won't find anything but the best available products in our online shop. There, you can easily purchase these products, providing you an easy, time-saving way to find the right building materials and finishes for your build, renovation, or DIY project.

We hope you follow our company as we try to do our part to make your house and the planet a better place to call home.

Our mission

To make the world a better place through thoughtful consumerism, conscientious product choices, and sustainable building practices.

Our Vision

To supply homeowners with the knowledge of and access to better building materials to make their homes as natural, healthy, and sustainable as possible, for the benefit of humanity's health and the health of the planet.

Plan well.
Build well.
Be well.

Founder - David Lymburn