The short answer is, YES!!  But we're not talking about repainting it green!  It's easy for anyone to take (even small) steps to make their home more eco-friendly!

Seriously though, if you view yourself as an eco-friendly person, you may want to learn more about and consider your choices carefully each time you are in the market for home goods, building materials and finishes, and interior furnishings (we can help with this).  It's surprising how many things we surround ourselves with everyday that have negative impacts on our health and the environment.

Perhaps you've already taken steps to address the eco-friendliness of certain items throughout your home and life.  Chances are you are at least aware of certain mainstream items or trends that encompass sustainability.  Some of the following common eco-friendly practices/choices may be a good indicator that you are ready to take a bigger, more wholistic approach to being more sustainable with your home.


Saying you are green is more than just buying "eco" products.  It is the unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Limiting over-consumption of unnecessary items (want vs. need)
  • Composting at home
  • Using only reusable shopping bags
  • Recycling avidly
  • Eating reduced animal product diet (vegetarian, vegan)
  • Choosing organic foods when possible
  • Shopping at thrift stores, or donating your used items versus discarding
  • Cutting out plastic wherever possible - ex. single-use drinks, soaps/detergents without recycled bottles, low quality toys, synthetic fabrics, etc.
  • Reducing your waste output by investing in reusable/sustainable items (straws, zippered food pouches, silicon baking mats, wool dryer balls, compostable phone case, etc.)
  • Buying only organic/natural beauty, skincare, and cleaning products
  • Driving less, walking/biking more
  • Purchasing local goods that involve less transportation
  • Using smart home devices - thermostat, plugs, high-efficiency devices/appliances, etc.


If you are doing some of these things or making similar types of informed choices with the goal of being more eco-friendly, you are a perfect candidate for a "green home".  Committing to a sustainable lifestyle takes a wholistic approach, and each additional "green" decision we make, including the ones with respect to our homes, leads us to be better to ourselves, our family, and our community.  Your home may be the next great eco-friendly decision you make!


Next week on the Go Green Home Supply blog, we'll discuss our Top 5 building material products that every homeowner can consider when looking for more sustainable and healthy home choices!

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 Plan well.  Build well.  Be well.


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May 18, 2022 — David Lymburn