Carbon Storing... Carbon Sequestering... Carbon Sink... 

This can all be very confusing.  What does it mean for you - the homeowner - and your home?

If you are interested in making your home as environmentally friendly as possible (and everyone should be) - one of the big things to focus on is using natural building materials.  Those materials (like wood, hemp, straw, cork, bamboo, etc.) remove carbon from our atmosphere and store it within itself throughout the life of the build.  The benefit this has is that it aids in reducing the near term global warming potential and carbon generation of our home builds/renovations.  This is huge - because in conjunction with building an energy efficient home, it immediately replaces carbon intensive products with lower carbon, even carbon-negative products.  That impact is right now, today, versus over the life of a building (which is the case for purely designing an energy efficient home that will use foams/plastics and other high embodied carbon products).  

For some simplified information - watch these two short videos are a great summary of what you need to now.  It takes less than 10 minutes and easily explains why this is important!


If you think this is cool, interesting, and important - you are in the right spot!  Go Green Home Supply can supply you with the right natural building products to make your home a carbon storage palace!  Once you've created your new humble abode... don't be so humble about it!  Shout it from the rooftop so all your neighbors know that your home is a carbon sink and they to could help save the environment with carbon sequestering products too!

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 Plan well.  Build well.  Be well.


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May 27, 2022 — David Lymburn