5.5" Hempitecture HempWool Batt Insulation - R20


This product is made from sustainably farmed industrial hemp, making it non-toxic, VOC free, safe to touch, and carbon negative


Hempitecture HempWool is a thermal insulation building material that is good for you and our planet. Made of 90% natural industrial hemp fiber, HempWool is the safe, healthy, and sustainable insulation.  In batt form, it's the perfect solution for in-cavity (in-wall) insulation and is a direct replacement for traditional fiberglass or mineral wool batt products.  

HempWool excels above other insulation options because it is one of the only products that does not contain any VOCs, is non-toxic, and biodegradable.  Also, it's a carbon sink (sequesters carbon) vs. other types of insulation which generate carbon emissions during their production.  

At R3.69/in, the thermal resistance of HempWool insulation is comparable to most batt products, but with added benefit of being regenerative, restorative, and truly sustainable.

R20 batts come in full pallet quantities only.  One pallet covers approximately 256sqft.

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90% natural hemp fibers, 10% polymer fiber binder
VOC and Red List Chemical Free
Vapor permeable and hygroscopic
Non-toxic, mold, insect, and pest resistant
Treated with natural fire retardant
USDA Certified bio-based material
Recoverable, recyclable, compostable

Specs & Details

Batt Profile
R20 - 5.5" Depth

16" product, batts measure 15.25" x 48" (commonly used for 16" On-Center framing)
24" product, batts measure 23.25" x 48" (commonly used for 24" On-Center framing)

Measuring instructions

Orders are placed in full pallet quantities only. Calculate your insulation pallet quantity needs by estimating your total wall square footage and use the conversion below. It is recommended to add 10% overage to your square footage estimate. Then divide total wall square footage (including overage) by the sqft/pallet to indicate number of pallets required for a project. Always round up to nearest whole number.
R20 batts - 256sqft/pallet
A four wall structure with 2" x 6" framing, needing R20 batts

Each wall measures roughly 20' width x 11' height = 880sqft

880sqft x 1.1 for overage = 968sqft

968sqft / 256sqft/pallet = 3.78 pallets

Rounded up for full pallets - this example requires 4 pallets of R20
*Whether you use 16" OC product or 24" OC product - calculations are the same. The R-value thickness is the important variable in calculating pallet quantity.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Current estimated delivery lead time is 5-10 business days from date of order. Estimated delivery dates will be confirmed upon order confirmation with the factory and coordination with freight/carrier service.

P.O. boxes are not eligible for delivery and may result in a canceled order. A physical address is required for delivery.

IMPORTANT: Hempitecture products are shipped in palletized format. The dimensions are roughly 48"x48"x96" - weighing as much as ~ 350lbs. A forklift or pallet jack on site is highly recommended. Liftgate delivery service is optional, as is hand unpack/unload at the additional expense of the customer.

See Go Green Home Supply Shipping & Returns Policy for more details on rates and process.
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1-to-1 Batt Replacement

HempWool batts are a 1-to-1 drop in replacement for other conventional batt insulation products. HempWool works well under drywall and nearly every other common standard building material.

per Pallet
Hemp Fiber Batt Insulation

Feel the HempWool Difference

Gone are the days of the itchy pink stuff, full-face respirators, and toxic off-gassing. Made from 92% natural hemp, and 10% non-toxic, zero VOC binder materials, HempWool is safe to touch and handle during installation. Once installed, you can breath easy because it is also completely free of problematic chemicals that typically off-gas from other traditional products. Cleaner indoor air for you and your family all while providing high performing, energy efficient insulation.


HempWool, which is made from 90% hemp fiber, derived from industrial hemp plants, is an insulation that is both naturally carbon-sequestering, energy-efficient, locally produced, and manufactured in a facility run on renewable energy. We truly mean it's clean and green!

The Responsible Insulation Choice

HempWool is plant based - meaning that it is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and a non-irritant. There are No VOCs and it is Red List Chemical Free, making it one of the healthiest choices for an insulation product. You won't have to worry about toxic off-gassing like from other traditional insulation products.


HempWool has great thermal resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to phase shift, and is vapor permeable. It's also naturally resistant to mold and pests. All of these things are important in modern, high-performance constructions. By performance standards, it's the best option available for your home.

A Safe AND Efficient Insulation

Traditional insulation products (like fiberglass, foams and mineral wool) claim to be eco-friendly simply based on one aspect - that they make a home more energy efficient. The reality is that these insulations are fossil fuel dependent, carbon intensive, laced with chemicals linked to negative health effects, and are significantly more harmful to the environment when you look at their overall impact.

Low Embodied Carbon, Highest Carbon Offset

A typical home's second largest carbon producing raw material is insulation (after concrete). While we wait for more mainstream low-carbon concrete options, choosing a natural, carbon-negative insulation product is the fastest and most efficient way to immediately make your home more environmentally friendly. HempWool is the perfect choice when wanting to avoid the carbon impact of other common insulation products.

Additional product information

Care & Maintenance

HempWool insulation arrives at the job site palletized and wrapped in a stretch wrap to secure the bundles of insulation to the pallet. The material is completely encapsulated, but should be kept in a dry environment out of direct sunlight.


Hempitecture products are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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