Arbor Wood Pine Deck Boards - No Groove


This product is natural, biodegradable, and free of plastics and chemicals

Arbor Wood deck boards are an eco-conscious, thermally modified wood deck board product.

Thermally modified wood is real wood, not treated with toxic chemicals or made from plastic.  It's significantly less prone to water absorption, expansion/contraction, and rot or decay than traditional lumber alone.  This makes it very suitable for outdoor applications and allows it to have a long service life.

Thermally modified wood from Arbor Wood is a more sustainable option than composite plastic, pressure-treated, or exotic hardwood deck boards, and is the best option if you are looking for a beautiful, durable, and natural decking material.

The regular, no-groove board profile of these deck boards provides the ease of classic installation and the traditional look many are after.


100% Thermally Modified Pine Wood
Chemical-Free, Non-Toxic
FSC Certified

Specs & Details

Board Profile
1"H x 5.25"W

Boards average 12' in Length

Plain, no-groove board profile.

Measuring instructions

To calculate order size in Linear Foot:

Linear Foot = (estimated deck square footage) * (10% overage) * (scaling factor)

For 5.25" deck boards, scaling factor is 2.29
Rough deck dimensions 21.5' x 16'
Using 5.25" deck boards

(21.5x16) * (1.1) * (2.29) = 866.5 Linear Feet

Order 867 Linear Feet for this example
Pro Tip: estimated deck square footage should include all finish surfaces needing deck boards; possibly including stairs, hand and/or top rails, fascias, benches, etc.
Use your estimated deck square footage to add the appropriate amount of recommended mounting hardware as indicated in the installation manual.
If you need any help calculating the appropriate amount of material for your project, contact or call us and we'll be happy to help!

Shipping & Fulfillment

Most items are in stock and ready to ship.

Estimated delivery for in-stock items is 3 to 8 business days, subject to freight/carrier schedules.

Estimated lead time and delivery for non-stocked items is currently 2 to 5 weeks from date of order.

See Go Green Home Supply Shipping & Returns Policy for all details.

For Arbor Wood products, it is recommended to have applicable equipment or personnel on site on the scheduled delivery date. A forklift, skid steer, dock, and/or appropriate equipment are required. If equipment is not available, hand off-loading by the recipient may be required.


Finish: Arbor Wood Natrl Pine - Clear Oil

These Arbor Wood Pine deck boards have a clear oil finish applied from the factory which provides a minimal, raw, yet refined look.

Optional UV inhibitors can be site finished/applied but are not necessary. See Care & Maintenance section below for more details.

Custom orders

Arbor Wood is capable of producing custom products for your special project!

Simply reach out to and we will happily facilitate any custom requests you have.

per Linear Foot
Thermally Modified Wood

Performance Driven, Eco-Conscious

Arbor Wood products are produced with responsibly sourced, domestic timber which undergoes a special thermal modification process using only heat and steam. This process changes the cellular structure of the wood making it a more stable, durable, and hydrophobic board resistant to rot and fungal decay.

The result is a healthy, long lasting, beautiful wood deck that is free from harsh chemicals or plastics.

100% natural. 100% biodegradable.





Decking, Siding, Trim & Millwork

Arbor Wood modified hardwoods are the eco-conscious alternative to exotic hardwoods, while softwood variants are the more natural and durable alternative to traditional chemically preserved lumber.

Arbor Wood produces a range of wood species, profiles, and finish options, including a beautiful take on traditional Japanese charred finish.

From window and door trim work, exterior landscape furnishings, even to interior accents and flooring, Arbor Wood is the most sustainable choice in dimensional lumber when looking for a high performance, natural product.

Low Maintenance - High Quality

Arbor Wood thermally modified woods can be used without additional finishes and are expected to last 25+ years without any signs of serious physical degradation, warping, or buckling.

Additional product information


Arbor Wood No-Groove profile boards are intended to be installed just like other regular timber deck boards.

Arbor Wood Product Brochure

Mechanical Specs

Detailed Product Specs / CSI

Install Guide

Care & Maintenance

Arbor Wood Co. thermally modified wood can be used without additional finishes and expected to last 25+ years without any signs of serious physical degradation, warping or buckling.

However, a UV coating can be used if color retention is an important factor (Arbor Wood recommends CUTEK Extreme). If no UV coating is used, the wood will patina out to a natural silver.

Arbor Wood recommends CUTEK Extreme should be applied/reapplied if desired when the wood is no longer beading or as frequently as necessary to retain the natural or altered color of the wood. Timing will differ depending on many variables including the age and porosity of the wood, species, situation, design, aspect, weathered exposure and adequacy of preparation.

When considering frequency of maintenance there are two factors to consider:

Protection: CUTEK Extreme diffuses deeply into wood to provide long-term, cumulative, inside-out protection. Even when the wood surface has grayed and weathered, CUTEK Extreme will remain permanently mobile in the wood, meaning protection is not compromised even if the outward appearance of the wood has changed. Each additional coat of CUTEK Extreme provides further additional protection against moisture.

Appearance: To maintain the natural color of freshly oiled wood for longer or alter the appearance of your wood, CUTEK Extreme with an added CUTEK Colortone should be applied. Over time and with exposure to sunlight and UV, the color will slowly fade to a silver patina, or ware/erode with use. Color durability and the rate at which this fading, or wearing/eroding occurs is dependent on many factors, such as age and porosity of the wood, species, situation, design, aspect, and degree of exposure to the weather. CUTEK Extreme with an added Colortone should be reapplied as frequently as necessary to maintain desired color vibrancy.

Go Green Home Supply does not currently sell CUTEK products.

Recommended Refinishing Product (Cutek Extreme Penetrating Oil)


Arbor Wood products are covered by a Factory Prorated 20-Year Limited Warranty:

Warranty Details