Hempitecture FiberPad - Carpet Underlayment


This product is made from sustainably farmed industrial hemp, making it non-toxic, VOC free, safe to touch, and carbon sequestering

Hempitecture FiberPad is a carpet underlayment pad that is good for you and our planet. Made of 80% natural hemp fiber, FiberPad is the safe, non-toxic, and sustainable carpet underlayment.  It's the perfect, healthy solution to replace other common carpet pad types which are typically comprised of toxic foams and composites.  

FiberPad is designed for exceptional durability while still having a supple rebound underfoot.  Its density and fiber composition are specifically designed for longevity - which promises enduring performance, unmatched be conventional alternatives.  Also, its been optimized to have superior thermal and acoustic properties, further contributing to its ability to provide a comfortable home.  

Manufactured in the US, the hemp fiber in the this product requires minimal pesticides or fertilizers, while is rejuvenates soil quality.  On top of that, hemp is carbon sequestering, resulting in low embodied carbon for this product.

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80% natural hemp fibers, 20% engineered polyester
VOC and Red List Chemical Free
Non-toxic, mold, insect, and pest resistant
Treated with bio-based flame retardant
USDA Certified bio-based material
Recoverable, recyclable, compostable

Specs & Details

FiberPad is sold in rolls - each roll is 4' wide x 33.75' long
Approximate coverage area: 135sqft
Pad thickness: 1/2"
Weight/roll (approx.): 40lbs

Density: 7lb/ft3

Thermal Resistance @ 75 F - R1.873
Apparent Thermal Conductivity (Btu.in/ft².h.°F) = .03859
Thermal Resistivity Per Inch (ft².h.°F/Btu.in) = 3.74

Specimen Mass (gsm) = 1320 / SqFt
Specimen Mass (lb/ft3) = 7
Average Thickness (in) = .501

ASTM C1338
Fungi Resistance - Pass

FF 1-70
Pill Test - Pass
(The flammability was determined in accordance
with Title 16 CFR Chapter II, Subchapter D,
Part 1630)

Measuring instructions

Orders are placed in full rolls quantities only.

Calculate underlayment roll quantity needs by estimating your total carpeted area square footage, plus overage. It is recommended to add 10% overage to your estimate. Divide your square footage needs by 135sqft/roll to determine how many rolls you should orders. Always round up to nearest whole number.
Two bedrooms and a hallway renovation, each room is approximately 14'x16' (inclusive of a closeted area), while the hallway is 3.5'x16';

Estimated square footage for the floor area = 504sqft

504sqft x 1.1 for overage = 554.4sqft

554.4sqft / 135sqft/roll = 4.1 rolls

Rounded up for full rolls - this example requires 5 rolls of FiberPad for total project coverage.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Current estimated delivery lead time is 5-10 business days from date of order. Estimated delivery dates will be confirmed upon order confirmation with the factory and coordination with freight/carrier service.

P.O. boxes are not eligible for delivery and may result in a canceled order. A physical address is required for delivery.

IMPORTANT: Hempitecture FiberPad is shipped in rolls on pallets. The rolled dimensions are roughly 48"x12"x12" -each weighing approximately 40lbs. A forklift or pallet jack on site is highly recommended as total pallet weight varies with order quantity - but can be up to 350lbs. Liftgate delivery service is optional, as is hand unpack/unload at the additional expense of the customer.

See Go Green Home Supply Shipping & Returns Policy for more details on rates and process.
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1-to-1 Carpet Pad Replacement

FiberPad is meant to be a 1-to-1 replacement for other conventional foam carpet underlayment products. FiberPad works well under all carpeting styles and is suitable for living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, offices, even high-traffic walkways.

per Roll
Hemp Fiber Carpet Padding

Feel the FiberPad Difference

Forgo the foam! When you ditch traditional foam carpet pad, you are choosing to eliminate a major toxic component from your home. Using hemp-based carpet pad, like FiberPad from Hempitecture, you can literally breathe easier knowing that it won't be off-gassing dangerous chemicals, or breaking down into micro-plastics which can ultimately be inhaled or even ingested. You will have cleaner indoor air for you and your family while still having a durable, comfortable carpeted space.


FiberPad, which is made from 80% hemp fiber, derived from industrial hemp plants, is a carpet pad that is both naturally carbon-sequestering, durable, locally produced, and manufactured in a facility run on renewable energy. We truly mean it's clean and green!

The Responsible Carpet Pad Choice

FiberPad is plant based - meaning that it is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and a non-irritant. There are No VOCs and it is Red List Chemical Free, making it one of the healthiest choices for a carpet pad product. You won't have to worry about toxic off-gassing like from other traditional foam based products.


FiberPad has great thermal and acoustic properties, great dimensional stability and compression resistance. It's also naturally resistant to mold and pests. All of these things are important when creating a comfortable carpeted space. By performance standards, it's the best option available for your home.

A Safe AND Durable Carpet Pad

Traditional carpet padding typically consists of foams and adhesives. One major problem associated with these petrochemical based components is that they are very flammable and create very dangerous fumes in a fire scenario. To combat this - mainstream manufacturers use toxic fire-retardants to offset the risk of smoke inhalation. Unfortunately, there is significant evidence that exposure to these fire retardants through physical touch or the inhalation of dust particles leads to cancer. This is in addition to the risks from unknown quantities/variants of foams and strong adhesives which are made from non-regulated components.

Low Embodied Carbon, Highest Carbon Offset

Moving to a more natural, hemp-based carpet pad product does three main things for you: 1) Gives you peace of mind - you won't be getting sick from breathing in toxic dust particles or the off-gas of chemicals, 2) Further makes your home carbon-sequestering - helping you meet your efficiency or emissions goals by being a carbon storing material, 3) Provides the comfort, warmth, and durability your home deserves in a natural package.

Additional product information


Suitable for carpet installations when applied over the subfloor/substrate. Installs and performs similarly to common carpet underlayment products.

No specialty tools are required. Strong, sharp utility/carpet knife or blade tool, hammer tacker, carpet tack strips, and tape measure - all tools normally used with carpet installs is all you will need.

Hempitecture FiberPad Installation Guide

Technical Data Sheet

Hempitecture FiberPad Installation Video

Care & Maintenance

FiberPad carpet padding arrives at the job site in stretch wrapped rolls, often palletized. The material is completely encapsulated, but should be kept in a dry environment out of direct sunlight.


Hempitecture products are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

You can also purchase HempWool direct from Hempitecture's Online Store - link below: