Siga Rissan-60 Air Sealing Tape


Performance oriented sealing tapes are essential for air-tightness, energy efficiency, and prolonging the life of your home.

This single-sided flexible adhesive tape is used for interior seam sealing and for sealing any interior penetrations of the Siga Majrex vapor control membrane.

Rissan is a reinforced, semi-transparent PE sealing tape, with an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. From sealing circular penetrations such as pipes or cables, to square electrical boxes and timbers, to sheet membrane overlaps, its versatility makes Rissan an essential tool for every interior air-sealing. Superior adhesion to OSB and other wood-based panel joints.

Critical to maintaining an air tight interior vapor control layer.


Air sealing tape, Reinforced Polyethylene film, with acrylic (pressure sensative) adhesive

Specs & Details

Tape is 2.4 inches wide
1 roll is 82 feet long

Measuring instructions

Calculating number of rolls required for interior seam and penetration sealing is tricky and is dependent on many factors, including the dimensions of the interior space, number of penetrations caused by electrical/plumbing/windows/doors, and dimensions of Air/Vapor barrier products used.

1 roll of Rissan-60 covers approximately:
82 linear feet of seams**
30-50 penetrations.**

**Rough guidelines estimate about 1:100 ratio between rolls and wall square footage (i.e. an estimate of 3 rolls for 300sqft of total wall/ceiling coverage might be appropriate).


**These are estimates to be used for guidance and should not be used as a guarantee for all applications. Order according to your best estimates.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Estimated delivery is 5-8 business days from date of order.
Delivery dates will be confirmed upon order confirmation and coordination with freight/carrier service.

See Go Green Home Supply Shipping & Returns Policy for more details on rates and process.

per Roll
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Significantly Better

High-Performance Products

SIGA products are engineered by building science professionals - who are passionate about building better homes to help preserve the environment. The use of SIGA control layer products provides greater comfort to the interior spaces of your home, they save you money and help with better energy efficiency. They also contribute to the longevity of your house by adding integrity to the wall and ceiling assemblies by reducing the risk of damage from water, insects, mold and rot.

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Membranes, wood, metal, cables, and concrete can all be properly adhered to using Rissan

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Extremely robust adhesive, is tenacious and provides longevity to sealing applications

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Flexibility makes joint sealing around pipes, cables, or other oddly shaped objects easy

Additional product information


SIGA Rissan Sealing Tape Install Video

Rissan installation should be done in conjunction with other SIGA products for best results, but can be used with other products and to adhere to multiple surfaces, including wood, metal, plastics, concrete, and other membranes.

Majrex products from SIGA are recommended for vapor control for interior space - this is commonly used when Rissan-60 is being used.

The goal with any interior vapor barrier is to create a continuous layer, without openings/gaps. Complete continuity is the goal - and the more thorough the installation, the better results.

For more SIGA specific installation videos, visit their YouTube channel:

SIGA Rissan Cut Sheet and Quick Install Guide

Care & Maintenance

Full SIGA Air/Vapor System Guidelines document provides the most comprehensive details of the SIGA system - Go Green Home Supply's recommended system air/vapor and water resistive barrier layers.

SIGA Air/Vapor Barrier Full System Guidelines


SIGA products are covered by a Factory 10-Year Limited Warranty

For more warranty information, please contact:

SIGA 10-Year Limited Warranty